We listen because we care.

Our Mission

The You Are Not Alone (YANA) Foundation is an independent not-for-profit organization working to promote mental health in youth ages 16-25 in Zambia. Our work is two-fold:

1) raising awareness about mental health issues in order to mitigate stigma and

2) building a network of care that consists of local resources like hospitals, therapists, and clinics as well as our own volunteer Listeners.


Presentations at Schools & churches

We promote understanding of mental health through our unique presentations and workshops in local schools and churches.


One-on-one counseling through volunteers

We have trained volunteers called Listeners that meet one-on-one with our youth both in person and distance.


Referrals to local resources

We are connected to the leading therapists, psychologists, and hospitals in the country and connect our youth when they need such resources.

Our Vision

We aim to CHANGE the misconceptions and stigma related to mental illness, REDUCE the suicide rate, and CREATE easy routes of care for youth struggling with mental illness in Zambia.

Would you like to become a volunteer Listener with us? Contact us HERE